Aug 26, 2011

im a queen of girl guide (oppss ke king??)

assalamaualaikum and gud day :)
ahaha today i wanna talk about girl guide or known as pandu puteri in malaysia.
im one of the girl guide member. and im active with dis kind of uniform..
i joined it since standard five until form five.but den until now i still become a girl guide.
thats our slogan. 
one of the reason i join dis cuz my mum also one of de member as a adviser. 
she also active in this association. 
both of us join until national stage.sometimes until international.
aha form 4, i got my highest rank as a girl guide.
known as PANDU PUTERI RAJA or king of girl guide..erk...peliks..ahaha
let pictures talk

at one of hotel i think at johor. reception with sultanah johor and isteri PM 

i think i have 36 badges  ;)

my statemates :D

i got my mum too :)

with kad nad and shalini doing our job as leader

haha we having traditional dance
makan malam amal with sultan and sultanah kedah
ahaha there're a lot more pics
but lazy to upload all of them..ahaha
so don't think kami semua lebik ye..
sebab be prepared is our word.
letak tengah hutan jangan ingat tak leh hidup tau.camping adalah sebahagian hidup kami..aha nie bagi yang aktif la.join sampai kebangsaan..
hidup semua dengan tali,buluh ja..bole ke anda buat meja or kerusi dengan tu?aha mmg boleh belum tentu kukuh.aha
oke den.. i took around 1 year to get that badges you know!cost around RM 1k to complete it.
thankz to my family especially my mum yang support me to get that level..
i learn a lot from that :DD

love you <3

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alifah saiful said...

woaaahhhh..bestnya..byk badges nya..
best best..comel je wawa