May 9, 2011

Day 5 – What makes you different from everyone else?

10 facts make me different from everyone else !

1. i'm the only girl or one of the cadet wearing braces in ALAM :D

2. i'm the smallest cadet in my batch ;) even though i love to eat a lot

3. i love to be simple in dress up and wearing baju kurung while riding my luvly nouvo .

4. my dream car is mini clubman. xramai pompuan suka keta lama k! hehe

5. i love to hang out with my grand ma at her house.i love her damn much. walaupun selalu dibebel hehe

6. i use to be alone wherever i go cuz i like to walk and run so much.of course nobody want to do dat so

7. i use to buy phreak thing that i found.

8. i dont like high heel but i can consider to wear wedges. cuz im short girl.hehe

9. i like to open my shoes while inside class especially MR CHUA class.hehe kesopanan dan kesusilaan

10. i don't want my boyfriend become my boyfriend but be my best friend forever. :DD


naqiah said...

oooo.... ic

najwa said...

hahaah apa la akk nie