May 9, 2011

Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

i got a lot of pictures that bring me to the happiness.
especially my friends from ALAM. i love pictures very much
i like to take the photos because it can remind me later about the moment that i had been through
my camera is my honey. he is my hubby. i love it damn much than i love my previous bf.ops

up up to de hill! haha at broga hill

with my honey suzhou

my luvly amoi.hehe lap u

atok and i with de best cadet in convo day

at sunway with luvly alifah <3

toastmaster najwa

eeee tu khai

top of broga

seasport exco for junior :D

with dem again tawan de hill

alifah me and ann at putrajaya

with my honey dew mini.wakaka mini atok

middle of klcc bridge. erk.haha

study with alifah at klcc. ERK???

bun ash kat bukit jalil


dgn bun.....cit? haha

middle of human

i luv them annkinwa

ono of pirates 

otw to ship visit with my class bravo

before going back after dragonboat and kayak competition at putrajaya 

with my toastmaster kita lbey kurang sama tinggi ja.haha

kami bertiga. miss sem 1 damn much ;(

with atie DME27. miss you my dear

credit to atok too. i miss my first sem damn much. having much fun with my friends.
there're a lot of pictures that i want to share.
but.. hehehe biarlah jadi simpanan.


naqiah said...

smart2 gmbaq..

najwa said...

hehe mau tau la akk.

Noor Alifah Binti Saiful said...

awww...kita pun ada..
comel la entry nie.. :)

najwa said...

act yesterday wawa tngkp pic alifa tu nk msk kan dlm nie.tapi xcukup space lak. hehehe nex entry k! makaseh syg!