Aug 25, 2011

my past..

salam and gud evening to all ;D
i don't know why suddenly i miss my day at school..huuu
i miss all my schoolmates.. learn a lot at that time.whats mean by friend.problem.
learn to have love and all that doing shit.bla bla.bla..
hahaha gonna miss all that lah !

going to sepang F1 with hockey team :D

at kl with kak min and tiera

with my love anna at hockey turf

with ummi gila2 at tuition

with anna at seminar spm

anak ali twin at tuition.get crazy for our last day

with tiera watching F1.huhu bising haha

with tiera and apia going back to school after having our lunch

why so small ah?haha my 5 science 2 classmates

tour to museum at alor star with member club 

aha palying around with sya,zul,ummi and mad

my lovely queen gurl guide sisters :D

my lovely chin teng :)

at kfc with tiera
sport class palying rugby with them ;)
our last day for our last spm paper!
last but not list my primary friends.bff <3

with primary until secondary friend.luv u :D

i miss this a lot!!!! ;(

p/s : if u can notice something different between me now and before ;D


Jabir said...

it think d diff is ur smile n braises... :)

najwa said...

hahaha thankz dear for dat.u a rite

Jabir said...

u r always welcome :)

H Y D E said...


teringat juga moment-moment lama dengan kawan-kawan dulu...

najwa said...

ahaha best kan..

Iqbal Hisham said...

wawa muda2

najwa said...

bal.hahha comei xwawa muda2.hahaha