Jul 29, 2011

Day 25 – Who are you?

sapa saya????
saya najwa fadhilah binti othman
already 19 years 1 month 8 days today
im now studying at malaysian maritime academy in diploma nautical studies.
im wearing braces!!
hehe dunno when dis alah gonna be remove from my teeth..

i love travel.but money is my big problem.not for my future :D

i can play guitar so so.haha still learning some songs

smile is my passion 

it give me some spirit 

and always think positive with what ever happened in my life

i love my life now than ever

experience teach me a lot.

enjoy my daily routine 

always learn from mistakes 

sleep is my passion to :DD

family and friends are my heart.

never give up in my life

laugh help me forget about sad

sport is place to release my tension and stress

take my time have some adventure out there could help me too

cus nature could make me calm and think that Allah is the One.
najwa is me and i love me.


Putera Amer said...

bila belayar nanti, hati2..safety first..jangan malu bertanya..n :) alwys :)

najwa said...

insyaAllah..putera pn :D