Jun 8, 2011

Day 15 – Something you don’t leave the house without.

1 -of course my handphones. aha
1st phone
2nd phone

family phone
without it, i cannot do anything. it can connect me to others easily.
kan ?? ahaha tapi penuh la poket seluar

2- my wallet

keep my money and other importance cards.and my pictures .hehe

3- bagpack
beg galas :D
easy for me to 'sumbat' things that i bring
i.e. lappy, camera, books, shopping 

4- toothbrush and braces

i must bring those thing to everywhere cause im wearing braces.
soo i need to brush my teeth after eat. :D


rara pinkmafia said...

hmm akk pon same.fon ngan akk mmg dh sebati dh.tak leh tinggal sgt.

najwa said...

betul ! wa sanggup patah balik ambik phone kalau tertinggal.boleh demam xdak phone.aha