May 18, 2011

Day 9 – A photo of the item you last purchased.

last item i purchased?
what yeah.. last saturday, i went out with my classmate
went to do our passport but i already done it. so just follow for company alifah actually.
so we having fun out there without thinking about alam.
ehehe after that we went to jusco before went back.
unfortunately , i don't have enough manoey to buy anything.

bajet sangat duit bulan ni. cuz last overnight, i went back to my home town :D
need to spend for bus tickets from masjid tanah to tbs. lrt to pudu. and pudu to sungai petani.
it take around rm 50. not include money for food. erggh
its ok. because yesterday, we got shoreleave.
my dad bank in some money. so i can buy something.
i need to buy something cuz i use to be like that.
where ever i go, i need to buy thing. 0.0
at least one.
so i bought this.

dah lama nak beli, tapi not enough money.
tiba tiba je nak terbeli semalam. :)

so this is the last item i purchased.

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