May 11, 2011

Day 7 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

it's quite sensitive post for me.
cuz i just lost my brother's cat ( ciwawa ) and my sister's cats ( nuky & rain )
just a few weeks before just in short period one by one gone
before dat, kak farid's cat also dead. i played wit it a week.
i love dat cat so much, even jus a while. da lupa nama :'(

ciwawa , kucing abg

i miss you ciwawa, a lot ;''(
rain, mati sebab rindu nuky. maybe

ini nuky. she lost. a week before rain die

even though our mum didn't give permission to have any pet inside our house, my bro and sys still want to keep it.
my family love those cats so damn much !!
until the day they're gone, we afraid to keep it as a pet anymore :(
we miss you guys.
i don't want to keep any animal as a pet anymore 


♥Lady Ainaa♥ said...

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Kucing!!!! Comelnyew!!! My fav animal...aaawwwww....comelnyew haiwan kesygan nabi ni...geramnyew!!!!! eeee..nk picik2 je rase..

najwa said...

tapi depa da mati :(

naqiah said...

semua dh xda.. :(