Feb 13, 2011

first weekend

assalamualaikum to all.
already 1 week wa in ALAM.
wow dis week very2 tired
doing a lot of things.
and about 3 nights we need to clean our room and house with a lot of assignments.
dat kind of activity can makes me become a cleaner.
act we all already become cleaners.hahahaha
kuli meh
need to clean everything without any dust left.
but its for our own good. clean & tidy can give a good environment for study.
huhu talk about study i jus remember i still hav some assignment dat i haven't finish it yet.
oh ship stab can you be easy for me please.
i want to score my study.please la help me.
i hope so insyaAllah.

yesterday i went to Kledang melaka with futsal team.
hahaha very damn tired but i liked it cuz i can went out from Alam for a while.
dat nice you know.
and after finished all de matched we went to pangkalan balak.have our late lunch beside de beach.

p/s : bak tido jap.penat la