Dec 19, 2010

wat a trouble day :D

salam. 19 december already.
very fast dat time goes by.
21 days left before i need to face final exam.
oh nervous gile.
study? not yet. busy wit seasport n other things. 
atoiya. nex week is holiday.
so i got extra holidays because of my appoinment.
makaseh braces. i luv it <3 <3

komander iman n his wife

in galley.during lunch

senget lagi.haha teacher

mam hanim n pido.comei!!

morning of convocation day

me and wan .sweet

razi n his band.haha

convocation book.nice

tabik hormat with warden jep

amir and his band.reti ke?

saba cute.haha

our lecturers.@ captain

convocation hall (polaris)

captain shah.cute capt.hehe

my cadets as ussherer

ann wit her post.haha

ash.our acc. proud to be alamnian

pido.cs crew

pon ngn faiz men bola.haha

xhabes-habes g.ish2

wit our koir teacher

astaga.lamanya men

lect n management

mkn lg mok??hahha

alia's sisters

captain najwa *** blushing

capt tan yg dedikasi

capt khairil from bintulu.wakaka

saba sgt bersemngat melontarkan suara

looking wat?

my cute

dats all about my day in alam.
very enjoyable
n tired lorh .
smile always. 


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