Dec 24, 2010


not me dat getting married.
my cousin.
so yesterday i'm busy at my aunt house.
busy taking pict.wakaka

dad n mum nerby sawah padi. sweet couple :D

my cousin

me on tt.tali air tu

tema purple

my sys <3

jenjeng aku la tu

my cousin's daughter. so CUTE wit syria

the ring

mum n dad bersanding. ngee

make up

wow wanna be wife to somebody

sys wonder.who will be nex to her

at home.wan to go out dinner wit family

who want to be beside me?please wait until i got coc class 1.hehe

my cute bro

gg gua ;D


Anonymous said...

i will wait till you get your coc class 1

najwa said...

wakaka xmau kawen ngn sapa2.

Anonymous said...

haha..ya la 2..xpa kita tunggu dan lihat..saya orang pertama akan melamar awk nanti lepas awak dah dapat coc class 1

najwa said...

belom tentu saya mau kawen.huhu sapa pertama pn belum tentu diterima