Dec 10, 2010

detik demi detik berlalu.
hari nie dah 10 dis!!! aaaaa...
till have 16 day be4 they're coming here.oh
hell la.hope no.
no more casual if wanna go class or rc and for weekend.
easier for us.
no need to pin de name.find de tie.button up until top.
will miss moment be4.
and yet it will be back again if wo not struggle hard 4 our final.bad result.oh habes la.
3 pointer above man! how dare u.
now i runsing about my ship cons. to manage to get 70 above.
please someone help.
sigh* sigh*

i hate to hav friend like you.damn it
p blah la.
kecoh sgt.wat cam diri tu bagus la


Anonymous said...

ada apa lg 16 hari?
ala relex la final..insyaallah can do it..~akmal~

najwa said...

ape yg finl len nk msk

Anonymous said...

silap ar nie..huhu